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What is next for the blog?

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What lies ahead

Point of the blog

As is stated already on the About me page, the point of this blog is threefold:

  • Documenting what I did on the WebApp
  • Pressuring me to actually work on the WebApp
  • Trying out new technologies and actually using them

Post frequency

Of course, I do have a life outside of programming, so I do sometimes have other commitments that will make it harder for me to work on my application - which will mean that it’ll be hard to come up with an article.

However, I will try to publish one article per week. It could be about something not directly related to the program, but it will always have to do with trying out something technological and coding.

Future topics

I may sometimes forget to update this section, but here is an approximate outline of the next couple of weeks, and the articles I will post. In general, the articles will appear on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Date Topic Short description
14.11 Dockerizing applications Wrapping all required parties in docker containers
21.11 CI/CD Setting up a CI/DC pipeline for both applications using Github actions
28.11 Stocks, cryptos and other components Extending the Frontend usecases to more than just accounts
03.12 Completing backend storage Handle the previously set up components in the Backend
10.12 Stock lookup Integrate actual existing markets and stocks from third party, as opposed to hardcoding
17.12 Kafka Extract some stock related functionalities from the Backend into its own microservice, with which to communicate through Kafka
17.12 Currency conversion Integrate third party lookup for the currency conversions
17.12 Authentication & Authorization Set up an authentication and authorization mechanism